GGM provides a responsive and reliable service to all our customers and contracts from our large state-of-the-art service and maintenance workshops in Colne and Haydock.

Supported by our own fleet of mobile service vehicles to allow for on-site servicing and repairs, all of our experienced technicians are factory trained by our manufacturers to ensure our skill levels are maintained to enable us to continue to meet the changing demands of our marketplace. We aim to provide cost effective, reliable and flexible service support that is individually tailored to our customer’s needs while ensuring we continue to provide the best value for money.

We offer either a call-out service as and when required, or a full contract offering, which is the assured way to guarantee continuous operation and limit your equipment downtime. GGM are delighted to have been recognised as offering one of the best levels of service out of almost a 100 outlets selling Kubota products across the UK, and have been awarded the Kubota Gold Service Dealer Award.

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Fixed Price Service Contracts

Our Service Contracts offer you the convenience of on-site periodic servicing of your machinery. Each service includes oils, filters, and all inspections/adjustments recommended in the operation manual for the equipment being serviced. Each Service Contract is designed for your specific needs so as to maintain your equipment in optimum condition. This minimises any downtime at a known fixed cost, thereby resulting in extending the working life of your equipment and enhancing it’s resale value.

HAVS Testing Service

Our ‘in-field’ testing of equipment whilst in use provides accurate and reliable information about hand-to-arm vibrations levels being experienced by your workforce. Any equipment that falls above the level set by the manufacturer will be serviced whilst on site.

You can contact our dedicated service team on 01282 856 827 or for Out Of Hours Service enquiries: Tel: 07973 454006

Alternatively, you can send an email to

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