Should I buy a new or used Kubota Tractor

Should I buy a new or used Kubota Tractor

There is much to be considered when deciding whether to invest in a New or Used Kubota Compact Tractor, especially in the current economic climate we are facing. In recent times, we have seen a huge increase in demand from the consumer, subsequently this has put pressure on the supply chain which had led to a worldwide shortage of all New and Used Compact Tractors.

In the main, this has been caused by a lack of raw materials, such as Steel and Rubber and as a result the Used Compact Tractor Market has boomed. The cost of New Tractors has also increased with inflation.

If you are considering investing in New or Used Kubota Compact Tractors, I hope this article will help you in making a sound investment.

 What are compact tractors?

In essence a compact tractor is a multi-tool which has been designed to carry out a wide range of different tasks. They come in all different shapes and sizes, usually 15 to 60 HP (horsepower) to suit different customer types subject to their specific requirements and budget. Nowadays, most reputable brands come with power steering and are fitted with a rear 3-point linkage which gives the ability to fit different attachments (implements) to the back of the tractor. These are usually powered by a rear PTO (power take off) some of which have a dual-speed function to enable you to operate certain implements at a slower RPM (revolutions per minute).

Compact tractors are usually broken down into two different category types which are designed for different applications; these are usually a ‘manual’ gear drive or a ‘hydrostatic’ oil drive. Each design has different advantages and disadvantages.

Things to consider when buying a New or Used Compact Tractor:

 What Type of Tractor?

First and foremost, when looking to invest in New or Used Compact Tractors, you need to identify what type of Tractor you require. In most cases this will be known as Manual Transmission (Geared) or Hydro Transmission (Hydrostatic).

You then need to identify the size to suit your application, this is usually determined by the Engine Horsepower (HP). If you are considering purchasing a Used Compact Tractors, you may have to be patient to find the exact machine you require.

For more information on Choosing a Compact Tractor, please read our blog: Choosing a Compact Tractor and what to consider?

Why buy a Used Compact Tractor?

This is usually determined by budget, however, not always and in recent times the price of Used Compact Tractors has rocketed. Therefore, it is important to do your research online and make sure you are paying a fair market value and not over the odds for an older machine, in which case you may want to consider investing in a new machine

When buying a Used Compact Tractors, always ask if a full-service history is available? In the event of a private sale or buying through a dealer, try to negotiate a warranty where possible. In most cases a reputable dealer will supply any used machine with a full 3-month major mechanical warranty and should ensure the machine is serviced and in good working order prior to delivery.

 Why buy a New Compact Tractor?

Purchasing a new Compact Tractor offers you the ultimate peace of mind and should ensure reliably. In most cases you will be able to negotiate a deal with your local dealer, who in turn should be able to offer comprehensive after sales service package to include, parts, service, and warranty.

Most reputable manufactures offer a 2 Year Warranty as standard on Compact Tractors. In recent times Kubota have introduced Kubota Care, this an extended peace of mind warranty up to 5 years and offers the consumer exceptional value at a minimal cost. To add to this, most Kubota dealers can offer you a fixed cost service plan over the same period which allows you to budget more effectively and maximise productivity.

The GGM service agreement is an easy & flexible way to budget for the routine maintenance your machinery needs, there are many key benefits to choosing a service agreement such as:

  • Priority response
  • Prices are fixed for contract period 
  • Quality service standards
  • Specialist trained engineers 
  • Extended machine life 
  • Peace of mind 
  • Enhanced resale value 
  • Budgeted costs
Another added benefit of the service agreement is that we service all makes & models, we ensure that servicing is undertaken to manufacturers service guidelines, an 18 month guarantee on Kubota parts, enviromentally friendly disposal, complimentary machine health check & all oils and filters will be included. 
The GGM service agreement ensures maintenace is planned, cost is predictable and you have total peace of mind when it comes to your machine. 

Which brands should you consider?

Kubota is regarded by many as the premium brand in the Groundscare Industry, however other reputable brands such as John Deere, Iseki and New Holland are worth considering.

There are other manufacturers who offer machines to suit a lower budget including TYM, Branson, Farmtrac and Solis, to name a few. However, the reliability, aftersales backup and residual resale value with these manufactures’ products are less certain than with some of the better-known brands.  As a rule, Kubota and John Deere Tractors seems to hold there value better than most.


Whether you are looking to buy New or Used Compact Tractors, be sure to do your research. Have a look online and find your local dealer, this is usually a good place to start as they will have a professional representative who can offer you some sound advice.

If you are looking at used machine, be sure to ask for a full-service history and ask someone mechanically minded having a look over the machine before committing.

In the case of buying a new machine, always speak to more than one dealer. However, bear in mind that the lowest price doesn’t necessarily offer the best value, even when we are talking about the same product.!

It is important to have a look at dealer customer reviews online, you should always consider their customer after care and breakdown response times, parts service back and warranty. If a dealer doesn’t offer you the option of a service package, this probably shows that they are more bothered about selling you a machine as appose to the service you receive.