Is Your Business Cyber Secure?

Is Your Business Cyber Secure?

The increased use of email, online accounting tools, online payment systems as well as automated groundcare equipment means that its increasingly important for land and sports turf owners to look at their growing exposure to cyber risks and how they can best protect themselves and their businesses. 

This really doesn't need to be a daunting challenge when you follow the National Cyber Security Centre's five quick and easy steps (outlined in the guide below) saving you time, money and even your business’ reputation.

Of course this guide can’t guarantee protection from all types of cyber attack, but the steps outlined can significantly reduce the chances of your business becoming a victim of cyber crime.

This invaluable guide explains the following 5 steps in easy to follow language

Step 1- Backing up your data
5 things to consider when backing up your data.

Step 2 - Protecting your organisation from malware
5 free and easy-to-implement tips that can help prevent malware damaging your organisation.

Step 3 - Keeping your smartphones (and tablets) safe
5 quick tips that can help keep your mobile devices (and the information stored on them) secure.

Step 4 - Using passwords to protect your data
5 things to keep in mind when using passwords.

Step 5 - Avoiding phishing attacks
Steps to help you identify the most common phishing attacks.

You can visit the website directly here 

The National Cyber Security Centre have also created a handy action sheet and infographic for reference and you can download them from their website.

If you believe that you or your business has been the victim of online fraud, scams or extortion you should report it to Action Fraud.

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