Buy Now, Pay Nothing until July 2021 with Baroness Finance

Buy Now, Pay Nothing until July 2021 with Baroness Finance

Benefit from a flexible finance package from Baroness Finance, available across the entire range of market leading Baroness turfcare equipment.

The latest ‘Buy Now Pay Later’ offer is applicable to NEW equipment orders confirmed by 30th April 2021 and can be on a Hire Purchase, Finance Lease, or Operating Lease agreement, over a 3 to 7 year repayment term. The finance profile can be matched to the precise needs of your business for commencement, equipment delivery and date of first payment.

Baroness started developing mowers in 1959. The materials used in Baroness’ cylinders has changed gradually over the years since its beginning. A high level of cutting quality, created from the very beginning, has remained the same to the present day.

B-ACT (Baroness Aggression Cutting Technology)

Baroness has invested significantly in cutting technology, most notably in its bottom blades and cylinders, and has succeeded in achieving the highest level cutting quality and durability in the market.

Take a look at some of the Baroness range. Factors such as the manufacturing process, know-how, and craftsman’s skill have been handed down from generation to generation, this has enabled Baroness to continually produce high-quality cylinders and cutting units.

The Heart of Baroness

At the heart of every Baroness reel mower is the cutting cylinder and bedknife. No-one takes more care than Baroness! Every cutting cylinder is individually balanced before being installed and our heat treatment process ensures that the cutting edges of both our cutting cylinders and bedknives stay sharp and true. 

Quality on Demand

Baroness cylinders come in about 100 different specifications, including quantities of cylinder blades, width and diameter of the cylinder. Baroness products range from lawnmowers for home, to professional mowers used on golf courses and sports fields. All Baroness mower units are produced with the same materials, combining accuracy and dedicated craftsmanship. The Baroness cylinder provides the best quality for everybody, everywhere.

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