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The GDS150 is the latest model in the Logic Ground Drive Salt Spreader range.

With its smaller capacity of 270litre (approx 335kg) it offers a suitable size machine for working behind smaller vehicles such as quads/ATVs, compact tractors, etc. but with the same unique design features and performance of other GDS models.

Salt Spreader GDS150

The GDS150 is the latest model in the Logic Ground Drive Salt Spreader range. With its smaller capacity of 270litre (approx 335kg) it offers a suitable size machine for working behind smaller vehicles such as quads/ATVs, compact tractors, etc. but with the same unique design features and performance of other GDS models.

Since its launch in the late 1990s the Logic GDS Salt Spreader range has proved to be an invaluable winter maintenance tool to many different customers in a huge variety of industry and municipal sectors. Through its specific design for the UK market, which primarily uses road/rock salt, it provides a reliable and efficient method of gritting. In short, as testified by many satisfied customers, it works!


Product Features

The GDS Salt Spreader uses a moving-floor conveyor system similar to highway sized salt spreaders to convey the salt to the spinning disc system. The hopper will hold 270 litres (approx. 335kg) of road/rock salt and is capable of spreading all types of material, including wet rock salt, grit and sand. A unique agitation system and conveyor floor ensures wet or dry material can be spread effectively and accurately by a spinning disc. Working speeds of up to 15mph and road speeds between sites of up to 30mph mean wide areas can be covered quickly and efficiently.

The GDS is built to withstand the harsh conditions which occur when using road/rock salt - the corrosive effects of salt can quickly bring equipment to a premature halt unless it has been designed to cope.
One of the major benefits of the GDS Gritter is that it can be towed behind any suitable towing vehicle, including  ATVs/quads, UTVs,4x4s, pick ups, tractors, etc. This makes it  very quick to deploy at the first signs of bad weather and for winter gritting jobs it dramatically reduces the time needed to complete the task, when compared to the manual alternative of spreading salt or grit using shovels.


Working speeds of between 5 -15mph (see below chart) mean you can cover the ground quickly with a maximum travel speed of 30 mph back to base for quick refilling.  This model range is not recommended for contractor or multi site use where long distance of travel is required between spreading. For this use please see our PDS range which comes with full road suspension and over run brakes, or as a demount unit to be fitted into a vehicle.

The GDS range comes with 2 options of equipment, -

‘R’  Model  full lighting and mudguards. This model is recommended when working in amongst other vehicles. Please also be aware of the requirement of having a working flashing beacon, either fitted to the spreader or towing vehicle.

 ‘S’  Model, which is without any lighting or mudguards, where the machine is only used in on a private site, or  traffic free environment .

The GDS Salt Spreader has application rates of between 5 - 80 grams/sq metre. 

Spreading widths are variable with speed (for example spreading widths, see table below) and the unit can cast the salt to the left or right meaning that it can spread salt underneath parked cars.

Speed                 Spread width            

  4mph                     1.5m                                       

10mph                     8.0m                                     

15mph                   12.0m                                        

More Information
Mounted Equipment Salt Spreader
Display SKU Logic GDS 150 Spreader
Manufacturer Logic
Model GDS 150
Hopper capacity 270 litre
Max. work rate 1.5-12m spread width (standard gearbox)
Weight 575kg

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