Eliet E501 PRO Scarifier (Double Cut Blades) GX200

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The powerful professional engines, the infinitely variable self-locking height adjustment and the large easy-roll wheels on double ball bearings will not escape your expert eye. The Eliet Permanently Sharp Blades™ are located underneath the frame and guarantee that your Eliet machine will continue to achieve the same efficiency. That is efficiency for you!

Robust Fram

A dethatching machine combs every square centimetre of your lawn. When doing so, the machine will also bring some stones to the surface. For this reason, the robust frame will protect you against all of the dislodged dirt. Eliet will not take any risks in this respect and has, therefore, decided to use a 3 mm thick plate metal frame that is robot-welded to exacting standards.

Blade Choice

Whoever chooses the professional version of the E501 knows exactly what he wants. However, because you, as a professional user, have more stringent requirements, Eliet have also developed two other types of blades in addition to the standard fitted blades. In certain operating conditions, these other types of blades can enhance performance and promote high quality work. The choice is up to you!

Vertical Belt Tension

At Eliet, we do not use a conventional jockey pulley to disengage the blades, as these pulleys can be a sure source of trouble. Eliet have instead developed "Vertical Belt Tension". A lever linkage lifts the engine bedplate in order to tension the belt. This allows the tensioned belt to retain its natural shape, thus significantly improving belt life. The two belt pulleys only touch the inside of the belt so that the outside of the belt is not subject to wear. On a professional Eliet dethatching machine, a belt very seldom needs renewing.

Infinitely Variable Height Adjustment

The working depth is typically 2 mm. At this speed, virtually no braking is applied to the blades so that they can operate at full speed and lift up moss and thatch from the lawn surface. As the blades do not cut through the roots, this greatly reduces the time required by the lawn to recover after dethatching. Accurate and correct depth setting implies a very fine adjustable depth adjustment. To this end, the front wheels of the E 501 Pro feature an infinitely variable adjustment. This enables the same depth to be set across the entire blade shaft.

Rear Wheels Depth Adjustment

The Eliet E501 Pro is equipped with a set of Permanently Sharp Blades™. These blades have a working life in excess of 100 hours. Regardless of whether you choose, fixed, oscillating or double cut blades, you still wish to completely use up the blades. Since the adjustment facilities on the front wheels are inadequate, Eliet have also provided depth adjustment at the rear.

Aluminium Wheels

Work comfort means that you perform the work with a minimum of effort. In this respect, Eliet pamper the operator of the E501 PRO. Large wheels with light aluminium rims running on tyres with a supple natural rubber tread ensure that this machine glides across the lawn. Each wheel is equipped with two large-size ball bearings. These heavy duty wheels are able to withstand the dusty conditions in which these machines have to operate. The wide wheel tread minimizes the risk of wheel rut formation on wet lawns.

Wheels With Mud Scrapers

If dethatching takes place in the spring on a swampy lawn, the newly raked moss tends to stick to the wheels so that the machines move up and down when crossing the lawn, with this having a clearly visible effect on the result of the raking. To remedy, Eliet have fitted scrapers to the wheels of its professional dethatching machines. Any dirt that sticks to the wheels is immediately removed from the wheels.

Rubber Deflector

Although gardeners usually wear professional working clothing and protective footwear, Eliet do not take any risks when safety is involved. The wide rubber safety guard at the rear of the machine retains all dust, sand and any stones that are thrown up out of the ground by the blades. The deflector is suspended on a chain and passively obeys each steering command. Moreover, you can suspend the deflector at the correct height, according to the thickness of the moss layer that appears from underneath the dethatching machine.

Floating Handlebar

Gardeners are kept busy with dethatching work in the spring when the grass comes out of its winter hibernation. Attention has therefore been paid to all components that cause fatigue. The floating handlebar is one example of how optimal work comfort is ensured. This handlebar accurately follows any ground unevenness in order to neutralise arm pressure.

More Information
Display SKU EL-MA 008 040 206
Manufacturer Eliet
Model E501 PRO Scarifier (Double Cut Blades) GX200
Scarifier Yes
Engine Make Honda
Overall Dimensions 1200 (L) x 740 (W) x 1000mm (H)
Weight 63kg
Depth Adjuster Front: continuously, rear: 2 position
Transmission Type V-belt XPA800
Blade Clutch Vertical Belt Tension
Blade Type Loose blades (no. / thickness) 34/2.2mm, Double Cut Blades 31/1/5mm
No. of Blades 18 / 3mm thickness
Blade diameter 25mm / 1 inch

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