Amazone Profihopper SmartCut PH1250 zDrive

This 2wd selfpropelled Profihopper for mowing and scarifying is equipped with 1.25 m rotor which is attached as a mowing scarifying unit at the front of the machine. Thanks to its unique collecting and compacting system the profihopper is superbly suitable for the dust-free collection of grass and debris.

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GGM Groundscare
Condition: New

.This unique 2wd self propelled Profihopper for the care of all your green spaces! 

.The Amazone Profihopper is ideal for Parks, playground management, residential areas and environmental areas. 

.The Profihopper will give you excellent results in nearly every atmospheric or vegetative conditions. Producing well-groomed lawns whether the sun is shining or the grass is wet. 

.The rear roller of the Profihopper consolidates the soil around the grass roots by firming the surface. It also leaves a beautifully presented striped finish. 

.The versatility of the Amazone Profihopper will allow you to scarify and collect whenever you want to. It only takes a few minutes to swap from a cutting to a scarifying configuration -without using any tools. 

.Thanks to the extremely powerful vacuum effect created by the blades on the rotor, the Profihopper collects nearly everything it passes over. 

.Mulching - it only takes a few second to install the mulching flap inside the cutting unit. The rotor of the Profihopper naturally cuts the grass stem into a multitude of small pieces, that are evenly spread on the entire working width. 

.With the Amazone Profihopper you are able to work longer without emptying saving you time. The hopper's capacity of 730 litres carries over 1000 litres of non compressed material. The result is immediate: 50% time saving for emptying, giving increased productivity for man and machine. 

.Use of the Profihopper will help keep your grass strong and green throughout the year. A mechanical treatment that is good for the grass, the environment and your pocket.

  • 24.5hp diesel engine
  • 2 Wheel Drive
  • Hydrostatic with twin hydraulic pumps and drives
  • 730 litre capacity carrying over 1000 litres cut material
  • 36 pairs of sharpened wing blades
  • Quick and Quiet
  • 1.25 m working width
  • incl. lawn tyres
  • incl. 36 pairs of sharpened H77 long wing cutting blades
  • incl. Power Compactor, high-output collecting system
  • incl. Amazone Cooling System, self-cleaning system
  • incl. flashing beacon
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