Amazone E+S 300 Single Disc Spreader

A multipurpose use spreader for: Winter applicationt, fertilising, application of sand, and road construction. Hopper capacities of 300 up to 1000 litres.

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The E+S 300 Single disc spreader can comprehensively handle winter application, fertilising and the application of sand on golf courses and sports fields and for spreading grit in road construction. The special hopper design provides a good flow of the spreading material at a low filling height. The strong frame allows on the E+S 750 a payload of 1300 kg so that the maximum hopper capacity is 1000 litres. With extensions the E+S 300 can be increased to max. 560 litres. The E+S spreader is available at random either with a PTO shaft or a hydraulic drive. The working width can be set manually or hydraulically. The E+S metering unit is simply removed using the patented bolt-less fixing system. Made from high grade stainless steel is allows for the easy cleaning and maintenance of the spreader.
.The E+S Spreader can be coverted with little effort from a Winter Service Spreader to spreader for granular fertilisers for Spring, giving a very good lateral and longitudinal distribution and excellent work rates.

.The E+S Spreader is for all year round - "One Forever and Everything".

.Can be used with salt, sand or grit for Winter Service or for fertilising lawns in Spring and for applying sand to golf and sports grounds.

.The E+S steep hopper walls means that there is an optimum flow of spreading material.

.The extremely comprehensive cathodic, stove baked enamelling ensures an increased life span of the spreaders implements.

.The quick and simple setting of the easily attached spread pattern limiter ensures an always accurate, environmentally-friendly spread pattern.

.The Electric Shutter Slide Control eases the spreading operation in service, regulating the speed rate in relation to the forward speed i.e. when the vehicle stops; it closes the shutter slide and immediately re-opens when driving on.

.The rate control knob allows the adjustment of the speed rate.

.The E+S is now available with electric control for speed related application and in-cab width reduction spread fan.

.Accurate spreading on either pavements or cycle paths is possible by simply swivelling the spread fan.

.Metering system. The at random manual or convenient hydraulic opening and closing the large outlet opening is possible from the towing vehicle. Special agitators.

.Special agitators are available for different spreading materials like sand, salt, grit-salt mixture or granular fertiliser. Servicing the spreader.

.The service of the E+S Spreader is a very simple, time saving operation.

.The E+S metering system offers the simple dissembling and assembling of all components without the necessity to unbolt the hopper, this allows very quick cleaning and maintenance of the spreader.

.Prices dependant on specification

.Various options available, Hopper cover, lights.

.PTO shaft or Hydraulic drive at your choice.

.Avaliable in 2 basic hopper sizes of 300 litres or 750 litres

.Expandable with extensions, upto a capacity of 1000 litres
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