Cramer Hedge Trimmer 82v, 66cm (CR82HD)

Tool only, please enquire for battery prices. Cramer offers you the right battery-powered hedge trimmer for your different jobs. Effortlessly cut hedges at mid-level with the 82HD the 66 cm cutting blade allows you to work quickly, and thanks to the 82HDs light weight and low vibrations, it is also extremely gentle on the arms.

(incl. VAT)
If you want to go higher up while enjoying the same working comfort, then simply use a Cramer hedge trimmer equipped with
a telescopic handle. Whatever Cramer tool you use, you will always get a perfectly balanced implement providing high performance, without petrol fumes.
One year standard warranty, One extra year of warranty when you register your battery or tool in greenfleet. 

Features include:

  • Brush less (BLDC) motor for maintenance free and efficient operation
  • Multiple adjustment options for most ergonomic operation
  • Variable trigger for optimized control
  • The hedger run smooth through the hedge
  • On/Off button for safe handling
  • The product can reverse out from situations when blades are stuck in thick branches
  • Durable housing for extended product life
  • Light weight for easy handling
  • Low vibrations for comfortable usage
  • Adjustable power thanks to variable trigger
  • Smooth cutting thanks to a cutting frequency of 4,000/min
  • Less vibrations reduce risk of fatigue


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