Seko 450-90 GC/T Trailed Bio Chopper

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Seko Composting Machines. Seko Green Series and Green & Compost for chopping and mixing of branches, pruning, sewage sludge,green waste in general, peat, loam etc. Chopping and mixing are basic operations that must be realised through specific equipment.

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The peculiar characteristics of the Bio-Chopper-Mixers SAM 5 series allow to obtain a balanced dissection and chopping, even of wooden materials, giving the output the characteristics suitable for the micro organisms action.

Futhermore, during the chopping process, the material is also actively mixed, a particularly positive fact for two of more kinds of composting products with a different degree of fermentation (for ex. wood and branches are generally little fermentative, whereas grass, the OFMSW - the Organic Fraction of Municipal Solid Wastes - and zootechnical dejections are very fermentative), The choppin and mixing are performed by the fibre-dissecting action and laceration of two special slow-mothion opposite-rotating spiralled shafts with convergent windings, fitted with original blades and counter-blades favouring the fibre dissecting of wooden products.

It is very important that all this process avaoid chips and sawdust production. The presence of a certain share of wood and non-crumbled parts ensures a balanced aeration of the mass. Moreover, a correct porosity enables the exceeding water evaporation, creating in this way an important total reduction of the lump during the composting process.

1/ Low Noise Level

2/ Designed to customer requirements

3/ Reduces the volume of material

4/ Augers and Body built from special hardwearing steel

5/ Mobile or Static Machines

6/ Low running costs 

7/ Discharge conveyors from 800mm to 3000mm available                  



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