Spider Attack in Leeds

Spider Attack in Leeds

In and around Leeds you might be in for a suprise,

Leeds City Council has recently taken delivery of the NEW Spider 2 to assist with its mowing of slopes and other awkward areas in and around the Leeds Metropolitan Area,

  The radio controlled slope mower SPIDER ILD 02 is designed for the maintenance of uneven and inaccessible terrain with slopes of up to 40 degrees. Is it however also excellent for the mowing of flat areas. The construction of the mower allows it to deal with rough seedings, wild growth and unkempt grass, but also with well-maintained park areas, where high quality of cut is required. In general Spider ILD02 is intended for the mowing of larger areas.


Spider ILD02 mower will find its place wherever you need to cut an inaccessible or unmaintained area, but also in places where high mowing frequency and good quality of cut are required. Spider ILD02 is an absolutely versatile mower designed primarily for professional use.
The climbing ability of radio remote controlled slope mower Spider ILD02 is up to 41 degrees depending on the type of application. The high climbing ability results from the light construction, very low centre of gravity, 4-wheel drive and the patented drive system, which makes driving and steering on steep slopes simple and safe.
The climbing ability and safety of operation can be increased by the installation of the Hydraulic stabilizing winch HSN02. This patented accessory enables safe manipulation with the machine on slopes up to 55 degrees. This value cannot be matched by any competitive machine. The winch works automatically as it is synchronized with the wheel drive, which ensures high comfort of operation.
Spider ILD02 machines are well-known for their superb productivity and extremely low operation costs. In terms of work productivity Spider mowers can replace a large number of brush-cutters or heavy machinery, while keeping the operation costs much lower.
Especially daily productivity of Spider mowers is much higher than that of manually operated machines as the operation is not tiring for the operator and no compulsory work breaks are required.
                      The Spider is a dream come true for all those who have had enough of tiring mowing.



Date Added: 01 April 2014

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