New Spider in Fleetwood

New Spider in Fleetwood

Wyre Borough Council takes delivery

There`s a new revolution in mowing taking place on the Fylde coast, Wyre Borough Council has recently taken delivery of a Spider Mini remote control mower,

The Spider Mini is the smallest and youngest of Spider mowers and is targeted at the smaller landscaper and local authorities with a special requirement. It has a more simple design while preserving the unique performance characteristics typical for all Spider Mowers. The mower deck has a working width of 56 cm and is driven by a 190 cc Briggs and Stratton 850 series petrol engine. The drive to the wheels is hydraulic and the steering is electric. The remote control unit has been limited to provide four functions: engine start, forward and reverse drive, left and right steering and emergency stop. The other control function including clutch engagement and height of cut adjustment are manually controlled, which helps to make the Spider Mini a cost-effective option.

Easy to use and ideal for maintaining smaller areas of banks or inaccessible or difficult to maintain areas where its compact size, low height and ultimate manoeuvrability come into their own,

The climbing ability of radio remote controlled bank mower Spider MINI is up to 30 degrees (58 %) depending on the type of application.

The high climbing ability results from the light construction, very low centre of gravity, 4-wheel drive and the patented drive system, which makes driving and steering on steep slopes simple and safe.

Traditionally high quality of cut allows the mower to be used even in gardens, parks and other intensively maintained areas.

Due to the unique drive system it is very suitable for the maintenance of areas requiring gentle care and low weight equipment.

Spider machines are well-known for their superb productivity. This is especially due to omni-directional mowing system, which practically eliminates all non-productive manipulation time.

Especially daily productivity of Spider mowers is much higher than that of manually operated machines as the operation is not tiring for the operator and no mandatory work breaks are required.

Spider MINI is a dream come true for all those who have had enough of tiring mowing



Date Added: 01 April 2014

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